Where do you buy homes?

We buy homes in the Greater Houston Area but also accept homes outside of our radius.

Do you use loans?

In order to quickly close, we do not use conventional loans. We offer no-obligation cash offers.

How long will the buying process take?

After titles are cleared, we’ll give you an offer, and if you accept the offer we’ll buy your house within days not months!

Do I have to fix anything in the house before it is sold?

You do not have to fix anything, all renovations are figured into our offer!

What do you after a house is referred to you?

Renovation Diva will visit the property and evaluate the worth of the house in order to provide you with a fair market value offer.

How do I join your referral team?

Fill out the contact form and the Renovation Diva will contact you within 48 hours!

Which homes are you interested in buying?

Renovation Diva buys homes that have been foreclosed, damaged, unwanted, abandoned, and almost any home in any condition!